SMILE UNITED served 1,223 students across Leon and Gadsden counties and
placed 2,043 sealants. 

Smile United serves students in Kindergarten, second and sixth grades.

Leon County:

During the 2018-2019 school year SMILE UNITED provided beneficial pediatric dental services to 1,372 students in second and sixth grades attending Title I schools across Leon County. Students received 4,683 preventative dental services that included dental assessments, dental cleanings, oral health education, and fluoride varnish where 1,300 sealants were placed on students teeth.


Gadsden County:

In Gadsden County, 1,912 students received beneficial pediatric dental service where 372 were covered by SMILE UNITED. Of those 372 students, 423 sealants were placed and 2,176 services were delivered to include dental assessments, dental cleanings, oral health education, fluoride varnish, and sealants.



For more information on Smile United, please contact Rhonda Cooper at 850-487-8091 or