UWBB Funding Overview

The United Way of the Big Bend is beginning our next two-year grant funding cycle (2023-2025). We seek applications for programs with the potential to make significant progress in our five focus areas deemed critically important for a thriving community: Housing, Health and Mental health, Early Learning and education, Skills development, and Safety Net services. Funded programs must provide services within the impact areas to the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population – essentially those living in poverty and the working poor.

UWBB is particularly interested in innovative and research-based programs with clear, measurable, quantifiable (data-supported) objectives, tasks, and outcomes. Nonprofit organizations may apply for funding for different programs in one or more of the five impact areas.

General Grant Information

Grant term of 24 months (July 2023 – June 2025) with mandatory quarterly reporting


UWBB Contact

For questions about the Grant, notice of intent to apply, required documents, or other general questions, please contact Rhonda Cooper, VP of Community Impact, at

rhonda@uwbb.org, or 850.487.8091.


Eligibility to Apply

UWBB makes grants to tax-exempt agencies classified as 501(c)(3) organizations, which are public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. The United Way of the Big Bend will only consider grant proposals benefitting residents of the county in which a program is funded and which address needs within at least one of our five impact areas: Housing, Health and Mental health, Early Learning and education, Skills development, and Safety Net programming services to include, but not limited to, programs for seniors, and families and children facing emergency situations.


The following are used to determine a nonprofit’s eligibility for being invited to apply.


The Agency has documented evidence that it:

  • Provides direct services to residents of the county in which they apply
  • Provides programming addressing unmet needs or gaps in services within one of our five impact areas of housing, health and mental health, early learning, skills development, and safety net
  • Provides services to one or both groups in the targeted ALICE population (those living in poverty and the working poor)
  • Provides evidence of the capacity to collect, track, and analyze and report outcome data

Additionally, the agency has submitted:

  • IRS Form 990 – Most recently submitted IRS 990
  • Proof of Registration as a Nonprofit corporation incorporated (active) in Florida or authorized by the Florida Department of State to transact business in Florida, pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) status from the US. Department of the Treasury (if not shown on IRS Form 990)
  • Operating Budget – Annual operating budget approved by the nonprofit organization’s board of directors or advisory board
  • Financial Audit/Review: Full financial audit or a Financial Review conducted on an annual basis by an independent certified public accountant who has no affiliation with the agency and whose examination is made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. NOTE: UWBB reserves the right, per financial team review, to request an agency provide an audit if approved to apply for funding


Grant Process:

Agencies interested in applying must use our online portal system, and complete and submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply.

Click here for the Agency Funding Portal


Notice of Intent (Letter of Intent: LOI)

When submitting the LOI to apply for funding, agencies have the option to collaborate and submit a joint notice of intent. A notice must be submitted for each program for which funding is requested.

If submitting a joint notice, each agency will need to meet the eligibility criteria and submit the required documents for review. The joint notice should indicate which agency will serve as the lead agency for the proposed program(s).

If applying for more than one program, agencies must submit a LOI for each program.


Notice of Intent (LOI) Review and Invitation to Apply

Submitted LOIs will be reviewed to establish eligibility to apply for funding. UWBB uses volunteer Financial Professionals to review the submitted financial documents.

UWBB will send notices to the CEOs/Executive Directors of agencies informing them of their agency’s status after the review. Agencies deemed eligible will be sent information for the application process.


Anticipated Deliverables to include:

Quarterly Performance measures/outcome reports

Quarterly stories or photos documenting funded program success

Demographics and zip codes data for unduplicated clients served by funded program (provided on quarterly reports)

Contractual commitment to publicly acknowledge UWBB funding for all outreach or promotion of funded program(s)




Can a newly formed 501(c)(3) agency apply for funding for a program?

Yes. Any registered 501(c)(3) providing programming services within the five impact areas and serving the targeted ALICE population can submit a letter of intent.  However, note that all agencies will have to pass the financial and program eligibility review to be invited to apply.

Can an agency apply for funding for a newly created program?

Yes. Agencies may submit innovative evidence-based program proposals which are able to provide quantifiable outcomes.

Can an agency apply for funding in two impact areas?

Yes.  Agencies with one or more programs can apply for funding for each program within the applicable impact area. However, one program cannot be used to apply in two different impact areas.

Can an agency apply for two different programs in the same impact area?

Yes. Agencies who have more than one program addressing needs within an impact area can submit applications for both programs.

Can an agency’s program be funded within two impact areas?

No. Programs are only funded within one area. If your program appears to deliver services in more than one area, your agency will need to choose one area in which to apply. It is recommended your agency apply under the impact area for which your program can demonstrate significant, quantifiable, outcomes/impact.

Can two agencies collaborate on one program but submit separate program proposals under two impact areas?

No. All programs are only funded within one impact area. For information on collaborative programming and how to apply, see Notice of Intent section above.     

Is preference for funding given to programs for which two or more agencies collaborate?

No. Programs are not given preference because of agency collaboration.

Can an agency request funding for agency operational costs?

No. UWBB funds must be used for direct services, provision of direct services, or consumables provided to participants or beneficiaries of the program.

Can an agency request funding for salaries and benefits?

Yes, if salaries and benefits are for staff providing direct services or supporting the provision of direct services, e.g., a person who drives and delivers food to a pantry or food distribution site.

Can an agency request funding for rent, utilities, or insurance costs?

Yes, Costs clearly associated with direct services or provision of services are eligible for funding. For example, if the program provides housing to participants, then it is likely that rent and or utility funding would be allowable. This is determined on a program-by-program basis.

Our agency is not required by law to have an audit. Can we still apply?

Yes, if you have a financial review conducted by an independent CPA with no affiliation to your agency.  The intent of asking for financial documents is to ensure the fiscal integrity and health of agencies receiving grant monies.  Financial professionals review these documents.  Based on these reviews, UWBB reserves the right to require an agency to submit an audit if invited to apply.

Our agency’s fiscal year means we do not yet have our current audit or review completed. Can we still submit a LOI?

Yes. We ask that agencies submit the “most recently completed” financial documents.  However, UWBB reserves the right to request any agency invited to apply to submit current documents along with the application.

UWBB Contact

For questions about the FAQ, notice of intent to apply, required documents, or other general questions, please contact Rhonda Cooper, VP of Community Impact, at rhonda@uwbb.org, or 850 487 8091.