For many students, math class is the subject of nightmares.

Research suggests that at least a third of all students experience extreme “math anxiety.” Speed pressure, timed testing, and blind memorization can create high hurdles when learning mathematics. Studies show that students who do not succeed in math are less likely to graduate on time with their peers. Helping students connect math in a visual and symbolic way uses different parts of the brain which deepens their learning.

MathPals creates a creative and encouraging environment for learning math by matching caring mentors one-to-one with students who are in need extra help developing essential mathematical skills.

Become a MathPals mentor and make a difference in your community:

  • Mentors are matched one-to-one with an elementary school student
  • Mentors choose the school and day that best fits their schedule
  • Mentors report during the after school program for one hour a week during the school year
  • Mentors utilize a mathematics curriculum created by UWBB and the LCS District that is tailored to students’ mathematical needs
  • Mentors receive training from UWBB and the LCS District (includes Level II background check and fingerprint screening)


For more information about becoming a MathPals mentor, please contact Samantha Sager, at or 850-414-0856