Madison County

Impact Area – Skills Development

The school closures resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic have left many students to fend for themselves during these desperate times. Thanks to United Way our staff was able to provide support to families in Madison dealing with issues related to hunger and education.

Our staff was able to provide homework help, tutoring and support to youth who were forced to complete school work online.We also worked with the schools in Pinetta, Lee, Greenville, and Madison to provide meals and snacks for youth stuck at home.

In support of mental health our program provided group programming via Class Dojo and Zoom for youth to engage and interact with one another. We were also able to mentor youth targeted for specific needs like at risk of academic failure, and behavioral issues.

Finally our staff implemented online programming through Facebook that parents could log on and do with their kids. Videos included exercise, science experiments, and cooking classes and much more.