About VITA

Fast. Free. Confidential.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) offers free tax preparation by IRS-certified volunteers at sites throughout the Big Bend each year during tax season. This fast, free and confidential service helps Big Bend residents avoid predatory income tax preparers and costly refund anticipation loans.

This year sites are open mid January through April 18.

Contact Stafanesha Rogers for any questions regarding UWBB VITA at 850.999.8019 or stafanesha@uwbb.org.

Get Tax Help

Want to have your taxes prepared at a VITA site? 

When you visit a VITA site, you will receive free tax preparation by IRS-trained volunteer tax preparers with no hidden fees or charges. When you use VITA, you are able to keep every penny of your refund.

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Want to volunteer with UWBB VITA?

Since 2005, our volunteers have filed nearly 21,000 tax returns, saving more than $3.1 million in tax preparation fees!  Volunteering just a few hours each month will make such a difference in the lives of people right here in the community. We’re in need of tax site greeters, tax preparers, and site coordinators.

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Here at UWBB, we believe that it pays dividends to give people the tools they need to become and remain self-sufficient. We offer many resources to keep your life financially on track. All of theses resources are free and provided here to help you, not to sell you a product or service.

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