46 percent of households struggle to pay for everyday essentials statewide.


Representatives from United Ways came to the capital to show their support for the 2018 ALICE report, which details the working poor in each of the 67 counties. An ALICE household is one that makes more than the federal poverty live, but still struggles to pay the bills.

“I don’t want a handout. I never wanted a handout. I learned at a young age to work hard for what you want,” said Victoria Townsend, who falls into the ALICE category.

Living this way is frustrating. “Do you want to struggle to pay the bills? Or do you want to struggle to feed your family?” said Townsend.

25 percent of the population in Leon County falls under the ALICE designation. Another 18 percent lives below the poverty line. Together, that percentage is up from last year.

“If half the population almost, are struggling to pay the bills, take a look
at the room you’re sitting in and 50 percent of those people, they’re ALICE,” said Ted Granger, President of the United Way of Florida.

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