Taylor County

Adventure, nature, community…

Coastal Taylor County is a place where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a slower pace. United Way of the Big Bend works to make Taylor County stronger, safer, and healthier.

The Taylor County Community Investment Team, a team of local volunteers, meets each year to oversee the agency review process in order to distribute locally raised funds. The team reviews extensive applications from each agency and hears testimonials from clients or agency volunteers. Team members then decide which agencies qualify for UWBB status and what level of funding each will receive for the upcoming year.

We work to solve local problems specific to Taylor County. Through the help of our agencies, we provided basic needs, education, income, and health assistance to Taylor County residents in 2017.

Pictured above are volunteers from American Red Cross and CERT team members who managed two shelters that provided safe housing for over 400 people and some pets


  • 376,857 lbs. of food were provided to feed individuals and families through food banks
  • 285 individuals were provided assistance including safe shelter due to domestic or sexual violence
  • 118 clients received assistance after a disaster such as a fire or flooding
  • 304 callers received assistance by contacting the 24 hr. crisis hotline
  • 218 school children received basic items such as clothing, shoes, food, medicine, and school supplies as well as support for field trips


  • 2,291 children and families benefitted from early childhood, character-building and educational programs and resources
  • 290 students were given a free book through UWBB’s early literacy initiative, READ UNITED, and volunteers read a story to all 15 first grade public school classrooms in Taylor County.


  • 278 children received subsidized child care enabling parents to work


  • 700 people benefitted from medical care including education, counseling, assistance, diagnosis, and prevention