Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP)


Eighteen years ago, the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, and the United Way of the Big Bend collaborated to form the Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP). Overall, the CHSP serves as a joint planning and funding distribution process, which utilizes a standardized funding application, site visit format, and review and recommendation process. Furthermore, recognizing the need to make improvements in the overall approach to funding public services, the CHSP was formulated to address various systems’ challenges that resulted due to the lack of coordination among the three local funding agents. This initiative, which includes a joint planning board, requires greater coordination and cooperation between funding sources and among agencies, affords easy recognition of duplication and gaps in service delivery, and provides the ability to target funds accordingly.


The CHSP partners work jointly through a planning board made up of representatives from each partner’s organization.  This partnership utilizes staff and community volunteers to implement a joint agency review process, resulting in joint funding recommendations that translate into a more comprehensive service delivery system — one with a greater impact and higher level of results.


The CHSP partners continue to obtain feedback from Citizens Review Team volunteers and agency directors with regard to the process.  Based on that feedback, the process continues to evolve as we make adjustments for improvement.  We appreciate the support and look forward to constructive input.


One point that needs to be clearly understood is that the citizen review process allocates funds to programs as one sum from all of the partners; however, each of the funding sources must retain the approval authority for the funds coming from their budgets. Because of this factor, recommendations will be identified as coming from a specified funding source. Each funding source will approve their allocations separately at the Commission or Board level. Please note, lack of funds coming from a source should not be interpreted as lack of support.  The total allocation received from CHSP demonstrates the support of all of the CHSP partners.


It is recognized that the United Way represents eight counties in the Big Bend area, while CHSP focuses exclusively on Leon County.  Additionally, United Way funds may only be distributed to certified member agencies.  Similarly, a portion of the City of Tallahassee funds may only be allocated to agencies providing services to low/moderate income families, to eliminate slum and blight, or to meet a particular urgent need based on federal HUD guidelines.

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