Tocqueville Society: $10,000 – and Above

Bart and Tamara Aitken

Sallie and Duby Ausley

Bates Family Foundation

Gail and Guy Cornwell

Chris and Beth Corum

Berneice Cox and Gary Yordon

Talbot D’Alemberte and                         Patsy Palmer

Chris and Andrea Diamantis

Bob and Marjorie Feagin

Chuck Hall and Fran Smith

Marilynn (D) and Cantey Higdon

Marge and John Hogan

Yvonne and Winston Howell

John R. Hugill and Kiki L. Dunton

Andie and Dean Jerger

Rick Kearney

Dean and Lina Knox

Russ and Genie Morcom

Mark O’Bryant

Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers

Ron Sachs and Gay Webster-Sachs

Paula and Bill Smith

Leonard and Amy Tung

Dr. Nancy Van Vessem

Drs. Dennis and Barbara Williams

Two donors wish to remain anonymous

Community Society: $5,000 – $9,999

Dr. Mark D. Bird

Ken and Jean Boutwell

Tripp and Susie Busch-Transou

Susan and Bill Clark

Harry Detwiler

Laurie and Kelly Dozier

Doris and Doug Dunlap

Michael M. and Martha A. Fields

David and Debby Fonvielle

Skip Foster

Virginia Glass

Bart D. Gunter

Darrin K. and Sabrina Holloman

Dr. Peter and Cecilia Loeb

Patrick and Susan Love

Cliff and Mary Madsen

Greg and Anne Martin

Coach and Mrs. Mike Martin

David and Tana Oglesby

Sherrill and Jimmy Ragans

Laura and Sam Rogers, Jr.

Dr. Gary and Katrina Rolle

Sue Semrau

Mike and Marty Sittig

David and Kathleen Smith

Eric M. Smith

Brian and Erika Snow

Barry and Tiffanie Webster

David and Tanya Wilkins

Don and Jeanette Yaeger

Live Oak Circle: $4,000 – $4,999

Dominic and Debbie Calabro

Dr. Elsie Bradwell Crowell

Dr. Tom DeLopez and                             Sandy DeLopez

Gail and Chris Eldred

Rob and Leslie Henderson

Jim and Sara Murdaugh

Magnolia Circle: $3,000 – $3,999

Debbie and Bobby Bacon

Demory Boeneke

Lisa and Ed Canup

Moritz and Penny Dehler

Tiffany DuBois

Charles and Judy Ehrhardt

Steve and Linda Evans and Family

Amy M. Finley

Jeannie Garner

Scott Hamilton

Rhoda and Joe Icerman

Fount and Beth May

Scott and Cindy Rawls

Sharon and Mark Sawicki

Jodi and Todd Sperry

Walter and Victoria Tschinkel

Sam and Nancy Varn

Julie and Rick Weidner

Bret D. Whissel

Polly and David White

Dogwood Circle: $2,000 – $2,999

Barbara E. Alford

Clara Louise Augustine

Lyn and Fred Baggett

Jane and Tom Barron

Paul A. Bawek

Ray and Jann Bellamy

Carl Blackwell

Pam and Byron Block

Christine Brubaker

Kerri Cloud

Tom and Stephanie Derzypolski

Sue and Don Everett, Sr.

Bill and Nancy Ferguson

Linda Figg and Richard Drew

John and Diane Fogarty

Shawnta Friday-Stroud

Samuel L. Garner III

Tom and Renee Glennon

Mary Goble

Mark and Jennie Grant

Benson T. and Judy Green

Steve and Fay Grimes

Dr. Henry and Susan Gunter

Chip and Laurie Hartung

Dr. Jim Healy

Ron and Carolyn Hobbs

Myra Hurt

Chris and Melanie Jensen

Dr. David and Dorothy Jones

Johnny and Barbie Jordan

Claire B. Kelly

Lawton and Beth Langford

Drs. Janet Lenz and Robert Reardon

Emory and Autumn Mayfield

Rick and Cherie McCraw

Gloria Hall McNeil and Walt McNeil

Edward and Beth Meggs

Norma M. Meier

Joan Merschman

Bill and Jane Montford

Bill and Mary Moor

Richard and Karen Moore

Rob and Robin Moss

Nancy Muller

Joyce A. Nelson

Kim Norgren and The Loretta and Leigh Norgren Foundation

Irene Padavic

Joyce and Dick Peters

Jeremy and Heather Puckett

Larry and Sharon Robinson

Mark A. Robinson

Scott and Paula Schroeder

Lewis and Linda Shelley

Jill and Doug Smith

Glenda L. Thornton

Dr. Leonard Van Dommelen

David and Jane Watson

Alisha Wetherell

Stanley Wilcox

One anonymous donor.

Azalea Circle: $1,000 – $1,999

Ken Abele

Neil and Terry Abell

Nate A. Adams

Marissa N. Adamson

Gregg and Barbara Alexander

Frank and Margaret Allen

Tom and Leslie Allen

John and Willa Almlof

Farrukh Alvi

Damon Anderson

Fred Anderson, Jr.

Susie Andrews

James and Josephine Ang

Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Anthony

Amber Marie Armstrong

Fay and Brian Armstrong

Jeanie and Ken Armstrong

John Assee

Rhett Bagwell

Dr. Aisha Bailey

Kathryn and Dennis Bailey

Asha Baity

John E. Baker

Alfonzo and Angela Baldwin

Meg Baldwin

Jeffrey and Emily Barbacci

Cynthia and Tony Barber

Gerald Wheeler and Kim Barber

Jeff & Cathi Barineau

Craig Barkve

Martha and Rick Barnett

Kathy and Gary Bartlett

Sabin and Michele Bass

Bill and Liz Beaty

Mai and Paul Beaumont

Leslie Beitsch

John Bell

John and Kathryn Bell

David Andrew Bellamy

Lynn Bennett

Tracy A. Bensley

Drs. Christian Berg and Valerie Lazzell

Laura E. Berlin

Alan and Lisa Bethancourt

Kent and Kathy Bishop

Claudia Blackburn

Cynthia Blair

Diane Blanton

Donna E. Blanton

Greg and Karen Boebinger

Rayne Boggs

Dr. Andrew Hicks Borom

Don and Eileen Bourassa

Brandon Bowden

Sadie Braden

Carolyn Herrington and Bob Bradley

Jon Brannon

Hilary Brazzell

James Brewer

Linda J. Bridges

Matthew Brigmon

William and Shelley Brimacombe

Jeremy Brimer

Melanie Brock

Tom and J. Leigh Brooks

Angela Brown

Beverly and Matthew G. Brown

Cynthia and Charlie Brown

Krysta J. Brown

Rita L. Brown

Tim and Charlotte Brown

Fred and Patti Brownstein

Matt Bryan

Sharita Bryant

Robert and Carmella Bugbee

Susan Bulecza

Chris and Jeanette Burdette

Joe Burgess

Rick and Lois Burnette

Gwendolyn Burney

Lewis O. Burnside , Jr.

Scott A. Bussey

Ronny Butler

Ray and Kathy Bye

Dr. James W. Cade

Charles Campbell and Cara Johnson

Carlos and Kim Campo

Lynn and Art Carlson

Anthony J. Carrano

Sin Carroll

Devon H. Case

Ian Castellow

Hugh Catts

Michele Ceci and Clay Brower

Amy and Tim Center

Joshua Chansler

The Chapman Family

Goldie Chaves

Joseph B. Cheatham

Bharat Chhabria

Theodore Chiricos and Glenda Rabby

Chip and Tammy Cicchetti

Bruce Clark

Russ and Amanda Clark

Sandra Clary

Lori Clemmons

Jessie J. Close

Tracey Cohen

Ryan and Diana Cohn

Desmond S. Cole

Dr. Angela Coleman

Dr. Russell C. Collins

Dr. Walter and Mary Colon

Jessica Comas

James and Donna Conyers

Lisa A. Cook

Sachiko Cook

Jim and Pam Cooke

Brant and Alexandra Copeland

Matthew Costigan

Ben A. Cowart

Erin Crane

Robert E. Crew, Jr. and Nancy Wideman

Doug and Dianne Croley

Diana L. Cureton

Steven Currieo

Larry and Jeanne Curtin

Pat Curtis

Brett and Karen Cyphers

Melissa Dancer

Erik D. Davis

Kim and Connie Davis

Mark N. Davis

Pamela and Robert Davis

Valerie C. Dawkins

April Dean

Ronald Dehner

Michael DeLeo

Greg and Carla DeLoach

Mr. and Mrs. C. Henry Depew

Joshua DeSha

Bobby and Sue Dick

Jack and Alice Diestelhorst

Bradford Dillard

Sammie and Kim Dixon

Jay B. Dominey

Ian C. Donkin

Carol and Walt Dover

Kristin Dozier

John Du Bose

C. Scott Dudley

Brian Duncan

Susan C. Dunlap

Jennifer L. Duval

Dr. Arcenouis J. Eason

Tonya Edington

Darren Edmonds

Elizabeth Ekk

Ross and Kris Ellington

Erin Ennis

Karl A. Ericsson

Jan and Robert Estevez

Dr. Mark E. Fahey

Lauren Faison

Justin and Christina Fanning

Alison Faris

Rosemary Farrell

Garrie Farrow

Wade M. Faulkner

Richard G. Feldman

Suzanne and Kevin Fenton

Rick and Ami Fernandez

Gerald R. Ferris and Pamela L. Perrewé

Dr. Anika C. Fields

Nicholas Fields

Susan Fiorito

Kasi Fitzpatrick

John Fleming

Margie Fletcher

Patricia Flowers

Jim Floyd

Barbara Foorman

Kara Ford

Wanda Ford

Jake Forehand

Paula Saunders and Roy Forman

Michael and Jana Forsthoefel

Kenneth Foster

Allan Franklin

    Carlton Franklin

    Daniel Frazier

    James M. Freeman

    Brenda L. French

    Shawn Fulton

    Hope Gaines

    Jerome Gaines

    Dennis K. Gallant

    Lisa Garcia

    Brenda Garner

    Patrick Gaver

    Andrew Gay

    Dr. Michelle Gayle

    Amy Geiger

    Robert Gellately

    Julie Montanaro and Zack Gibson

    Brad and Becca Gilbert

    Nick and Alaina Gilpin

    David and Melissa Ging

    Bill and Debbie Giudice

    James and Jeri Glunt

    Christen and Reese Goad

    Leon Golden

    Larry and Mary Carol Gonzalez

    Benita Gordon

    Kayla Gordon

    Ryan Gordon

    Christopher J. Gorsuch

    Anessa Gosha

    Tawana P. Goston

    Patti Graganella

    Dr. Mimi Graham

    Ellen and Ted Granger

    Eric and Sara Grant

    Laura Greene

    Tony Guillen

    Bill Gunter and Kathy Atkins-Gunter

    Matthew Guse

    Dr. Aaron Guyer

    Meg and Charles Guyton

    Dr. Stanley Gwock

    Julius Hackett

    Kristen Hagen

    Walt and Carolyn Haley

    Brooke and Paul Hallock

    Glenda G. Hamby

    Dr. Thomas C. Haney

    Rocky Hanna

    Dr. Donald Hansard

    Allison Harrell

    Myron and Tammy Harrison

    Phil and Angie Harrison

    Ronald W. Harrison

    Samantha and Tom Harrison

    Suzanne Marie Harrison

    Kenneth Hart

    Timothy Hartlaub

    Jason Hartmann

    Steven Haynes

    Gary and Mary Heald

    Alexandra F. Henry

    Francine Hern

    Thomas Herndon

    Kenneth A. Heron

    Karl Hicks

    Carol Hill

    Mart P. Hill

    Bob and Marylou Hinkle

    Lee Hinkle

    Linda Hinnant

    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hinson

    Elizabeth Eggert Hirst

    Matt Hoffman

    Dr. Anne E. Hogan and Dr.Herbert C. Quay

    Jessica Hogan

    Cay Hohmeister

    Bob and Suzanne Hollar

    Christopher Holmes

    Reverend R.B. Holmes

    Dr. Zinnah Holmes

    Nathalie R. Hood

    Myrna Hoover

    Charles and Suzanne Hopkins

    Cinda and David Hortin

    John Horvath

    Glenn R. Hosken

    Scarlett Houston

    Sydell B. Houston

    Patsy Howard

    Allen and Valerie Hubbard

    William Hudson, Jr.

    Kimberly A. Hughes

    Elaine M. Hull

    Thomas Hull

    Jeri and Todd Hunter

    Patrick Hurley

    Steve Hurm

    Dr. Hank Hutchinson

    Bret and Lisa Ingerman

    Joyce A. Ingram

    Eric Irons

    Catherine Iscrupe

    Cassandra Jackson

    Cynthia B. Jackson

    Dr. Floyd R. Jaggears

    George C. Jarrell, Jr.

    Rick and Melanie Jernigan

    Paul D. and Helen M. Jess

    Brent Johnson

    Josephine Johnson

    Kin and Jackie Johnson

    Levi Johnson, Jr.

    Jimmy and Susan Joiner

    Demarcus Jones

    Danny D. Jordan

    Jeffrey Joyce

    Kathleen and Richard Jugenheimer

    Michael Kalifeh

    Phyllis and Steve Kalifeh

    John Kane

    Dr. Paul Katz

    Jennifer Kennedy

    Dr. Mahsheed Khajavi

    Fred and Abby Kinch

    Kirsten Kinsley

    David Kirby

    Dr. Janet A. Kistner

    Rene Knight and Jim Hage

    Kevin and Stacey Kolka

    Dr. Larry Kubiak

    Gertrude and Michael Ladd

    Dr. William Landing

    Frank and Elizabeth Langston

    William Langston

    David and Karen Larbalestier

    Jep Larkin

    Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Katherine LaRosa

    Karen Laughlin and Sean Dennison

    Jay and Jennifer LaVia

    Raoul Lavin

    Kirk and Tammy Lavine

    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lazar

    Jeremy M. Lee

    Drs. Matthew and Stephanie Lee

    Debie and Irvine Leonard

    Cheryl A. Lewis

    Mary Ann Lindley and Charles Nuzzo

    Nancy Linnan and Jim York

    Vincent and Julann Long

    Harold Lynn

    Cheri and Mike Madsen

    Barbara and John Mahoney

    Dr. Charles Maitland

    Kelly Malloy

    Eric Manfre

    Rafael Marimon

    Robert Marsh

    Darryl Marshall

    Carmen and Dexter Martin

    Alex and Susan Masterton

    Nathan A. Matthews

    William T. and Lori Mattice

    Henry Mayfield

    Scott and Cynthia McAdams

    Deborah McClellan

    Travis McCoy

    Monte C. McFarland

    Robert McGarrah

    Daniel L. McGee

    Darrick McGhee

    Roger McGinnis

    Dan A. McGrew

    Willie McNeil, Jr.

    Casey and James McQuaig

    Provost Sally McRorie

    Jim and Mary McShane

    Shane G. and Mary Meadors

    Patrick Medlock

    Kimberly and Michael Meeks

    Dr. Hector Mejia

    Nancy Messer

    William Milazzo

    Dewitt Miller

    Michelle Miller

    Travis and Karena Miller

    Alex Milton

    Wanda Milton-Whitehead

    Patty and Chuck Mitchell

    Kimberly A. Moore

    Leighanne Mortimer

    Jon and Serena Moyle


    Max Murphy

    Ed Murray

    Amy Neal

    Stewart P. Nelson

    David and Donna Nichols

    Lee and Lisa Nichols

    Randy and Miriam Nicklaus

    Howard and Jana Nishimoto

    Louis and Carolyn Norvell

    Richard Nowakowski and Nancy Hayes

    Jonathan Nurse

    Dr. D. Jason Oberste

    Reginald and Sharon Ofuani

    Bill L. Oliver

    Kent Olson

    Dr. Adekunle Omotayo

    Tara Orlowski

    Thomas O’Steen

    Dr. Gary K. and Frances K. Ostrander

    Beverly Owens

    Dr. Joseph F. Owens III

    Greg Ozbun

    Donald and Sonya Pace

    Linda Palmer

    Mary and Joseph Pankowski

    Dr. Thomas M. Park

    Greg Parker and Pam Rigoni-Parker

    Michael and Kimberly Parker

    Jimmy and Jennifer Patty

    Mark Payne

    Heather B. Peeples

    Jana and Thomas Pennekamp

    Tom Pentecost

    Russell and Kena Perkins

    Tom and Jackie Perrin

    Suzanne and Brian Peschl

    Casey and Canita Peterson

    Kyle and Kirsten Phelps

    Jim Philippou

    Howard Phillips

    Judy Pickle

    Drew and Rebecca Piers

    Barbara Pippen

    Alverretta Pitts

    Amanda Porterfield

    Julian Proctor, Jr.

    Maria Pye

    Scott Rainey

    Penny A. Ralston

    Krista Rankin

    Travis R. Rauschenberg

    Lisa H. Rawlings

    Barbara Ray

    Benjie D. Read

    Donald Read

    David Reeves

    Barbara Reker

    Beverly Renard

    Amy B. Rentz

    Robert Renzi

    DeeAnn Rich

    Dylan Rivers

    Shawn and Courtney Roberts

    Kelvin E. Robinson

    Rob L. Robinson

    Kristin E. Rocco

    Sheila Rogers

    Buddy and Michelle Romero

    Alicia M. Ronan

    Cara Rowland

    Donald Russell

    Susan Salahshor

    Dr. Melanie Salsgiver

    Deanna, Ana and Ali Samaha

    Lyn and Mark Sampson

    Alex Sanchez

    Jim and Susan Scarboro

    Joseph Schlenoff

    Randy Schmeckenbecher

    Christopher Schmidt

    Ricardo Schneider

    Clay and Kay Schnitker

    Chip and Tricia Seale

    Debra Sears

    Robert Seaton

    Larry and Cathy Sellers

    Kathleen Sexton

    Dr. Mark and Missy Shamis

    Debra Shelfer

    Jeffrey Sherman

    Sarah and Terry Sherraden

    Cynthia Shingles

    Gwendolyn Strickland Simmons

    Ramsay and Mary Byrd Sims

    Kimberly Smiley

    Bri and Jay Smith

    Sophie and William Smith III

    Mary Jo Spector

    Beverly Burnsed Spencer

    Ed St. Laurent

    Willem and LeAnne Staalenburg

    Jayne M. Standley

    Dale K. Starke

    Justin Starling

    Dr. Robert L. Steele

    Dr. W. Brad Stephens

    Anthony and Mitchie Stewart

    Jonathan and Crystal Stewart

    Jonathan M. Stewart

    Dr. and Mrs. Kris Stowers

    Marty and Nicole Strickland

    Paul Strickland

    John Stroup and Robin Phillips

    Davin Suggs

    Paul and Cindy Sullivan

    Lin Sun

    Brenda Sunday

    Linda G. Swaine

    Mike and Lori Swanson

    Ragan Sweet

    Mark and Michelle Taylor

    Robert W. Taylor

    Wayne Tedder

    Nancy Anne Teems

    Herbie R. Thiele

    Debra Thomas

    John Thomas

    Tod and Fran Thomas

    Verian D. Thomas

    Cheryl Thompson

    Chris and Susan Thompson

    Michael Thompson

    Dr. William H. Thompson

    Dr. Robert Lee and Marcia Thornberry

    Donna M. Tornillo

    Debbie Tortoreo

    Marjorie Turnbull

    Shanda Turner

    Patrick Twyman

    Ray and Amber Tynan

    Michelle and Matt Ubben

    Steve Uhlfelder

    Kyle Ulrich

    D.J. and Gayle Underwood

    Willie Ussery

    Dr. Daniel and Pat Van Durme

    Kathy Van Liere

    Loretta Varner

    Kevin Vaughn

    David Vickers

    James B. Wadsworth , Jr.

    Kris and Jeff Wahlen

    James Walker

    Karen Walker

    Kimberly D. Walker

    Tao Liu and Ying Wang

    Dean and Nicole Watson

    Paul T. Watson

    JerriAnn and Matthew G. Webb

    Brig. Gen. and Mrs. William B. Webb

    Peter and Michele Webster

    Amy K. Weiss

    Ed and Debra West

    David and Cheryl Whisenant

    Brad and Cheri White

    James White

    Joe and Sheila White

    Stephen Whitson

    Arthur Wiedinger, Jr.

    Robert Wigen and Jennifer Tibbitts

    Amanda Wilcox

    Charlene Williams

    Jacquelyn M. Williams

    Kiwana L. Williams

    Michael O. Willis

    Barbara K. Wills

    Calvin J. and Iris C. Wilson

    Mark and Denise Wilson

    Yashica Wilson-Hearns

    Richard and Sherri Wise

    Sara Wittig

    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Wong

    Marthine V. Woodward

    Darryl G. Worrell

    Melissa Wright

    Rodner B. and Clarise Wright

    Robert Young

    Dr. Edward F. Zapert

    Mark Zeigler

    Fourteen donors wish to remain anonymous.